Monday, December 5, 2011

Surprising Luxurious Massage Chair

By Ethan Peacock

The Montage Premier by Omega Massage is the best massage chair on the market today. The Montage Premier has many desirable features compared with the other massage chairs in its class. Here are some of the more important features of this top of the line massage chairs.

5 Auto Massage Programs: The Montage Premier includes 5 themed massage treatments named: Activation, Relaxation, Vitality, Morning and Night. You can select these programs with the single push of a button. These programs operate the entire chair delivering an invigorating and satisfying full body massage.

Four Manual Programs: The manual massage techniques are delivered by the roller mechanism contained in the chair back. The rollers can move up and down the full length of the back. The Montage Premier allows you to select kneading, tapping, rolling and kneading and rolling. Choose from 4 levels of speed to customize massage force to your needs.

Six Massage Courses: Massage courses are where the massage is concentrated in a particular region of the body. These are designed to massage say the lower back or the shoulders. The Montage Premier is equipped with six massage courses. Included is full back, lumbar, upper back, middle back and two variations on the neck. When this choice is selected, then the massage will be applied only in this area. The massage courses are only for the functions of the chair back and thus feature the back, shoulders and neck.

Air Massage: An air massage system enables the Montage Premier massage chair to provide a compression massage to most of the body. The compression massage is a squeeze, hold and release pattern which helps to loosen tight muscles. This can be very soothing and it is for targeting the larger muscles of the body like the legs, hips, buttocks, hands and arms. Select from four different pressure levels to accommodate your needs.

Leg Stretching System: The advances are excellent in massage chairs where the Montage Premier comes with a leg stretching system. You can activate the Traction button and the leg rest will raise up and firmly hold onto your ankles. The leg rest then begins to lower to 3 successively lower positions, stretching you out from the hips, thighs, knees and ankles. This function can be activated at any time and integrates with the rest of the massage functions for some truly therapeutic action.

Full Body Heat: Turn up the heat and soothe those aching muscles. The Montage Premier massage chair comes with heating elements built throughout the massage chair. There are heaters for the chair back, seat and the leg rest. These areas are controlled individually by the remote control where you can select which ones you want on at a given time.

Music Therapy: Every masseuse creates a relaxing environment when giving a massage. They know that the mind must relax for the muscles to relax. The mind is feeding the tension, so by relaxing it with soft music, the body is more responsive to massage therapy. Slip on the headphones and drift off while the Montage Premier goes to work on your aching, sore muscles.

Reflexology Massage for Feet: In massage, the feet are the gateway to relaxation of the body. The feet take much of the stress of the body as they must support the weight. Being on your feet all day is tiring and coming home to a reflexology foot massage is a great way to end the day. Let the Footflex technology of the Montage Premier gently squeeze your feet and stimulate your reflexology points. Reflexology massage is thought to induce whole body relaxation.

The Montage Premier has the most complete feature set of all the massage chairs in its class. This massage recliner provides a complete environment for relaxation from full body heat, to music therapy, to stretching and of course effective massage therapy. The Omega brand is known for the strength of its massage and the Montage Premier is sure to please the most demanding requirements you may have.

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