Saturday, December 3, 2011

Modern Window Washing Equipment Makes The Job A Breeze

By Adriana Noton

For people interested in starting a small window washing business the improvement of lightweight, portable equipment has brought about innovative choices. These products are geared towards single up to five story window washing so it is not the kind of window washing equipment that is used on multiple stories such as on big city skyscrapers.

Today's water-fed poles are manufactured from different materials such as carbon fiber, anodized aluminum and fiber glass. The poles come with an insulated handle to avoid any electrocution. The choice of materials is based on personal preferences and cost. Buyers can customize their cleaning system by choosing from a selection of brushes, goosenecks and connectors.

The gooseneck is available in lengths of nine, sixteen, twenty-one and twenty-four inches. Extender poles are added to lengthen the poles. Special window sill brushes are used to clean areas around the glass. Soft, tapered brushes are chosen for washing cars, conservatories and trailers. Solar panels can be cleaned with soft solar brushes.

The mobility of the system is ensured by storing the water and batteries on a backpack and trolley, trailer or van. This system is the answer for reaching those tight areas where workers do not have to use cumbersome hoses trailing down from the van. The flexible system improves productivity and possibly even profit since the job can be completed more quickly.

A rechargeable battery and quick changing containers fit into the trolley. Purified water is used that has been pre-filtered. The battery holds an average of ten hours of charge. The lightweight aluminum trolleys are easy to lift off and on vehicles and can be used together with aluminum access ramps.

Special squeegees have also been designed for the window, floor and bench surfaces. They can be fitted onto the telescopic poles or handheld on shorter handled lengths. The squeegee will dry the glass surface by using pressure with the rubberized edge.

A complete low budget kit for the van is available. Most work from the ground can be accessible with a 17 ft pole that reaches first floor windows. The different brush types allow for cleaning soft and hard scrubbing. Portable hose reels make it easy to neatly reel in the hose when the job is done.

An increasing number of homeowners are adding larger windows to their buildings. These surfaces are insulated keeping the interiors temperature controlled. The new generation of mops is ergonomically designed to maintain shiny indoor mirror and glass surfaces. The telescopic handle facilitates reaching surfaces without a ladder.

Today's window washing equipment is lightweight and streamlined to enable cleaners to get into hard to reach areas without having to use heavy, cumbersome equipment. Cleaner water and safer cleaning products makes this service less of a chore. The possibilities for starting an affordable business are also improved since there is more of a demand for window washing services.

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