Monday, December 5, 2011

Teaching Young People about Culture

By Nia Lawrence

One of the primary factors that push parents to put their children in good schools is for the kids to learn about culture. It is a basic part of every school curriculum to teach children about the different peoples around the world. Thus, teachers get to discuss about countries, races and their products. However, these things remain in the books until the children get a first-hand experience in Fair Trade Fortnight.

It would be one of the finest learning experiences that parents can give their children. The young ones will certainly enjoy the fantastic array of products that are crafted and produced by different cultures. For once, they will be able to attest to the validity of the things that were taught in school. More importantly, this will give the kids a good feel of what the rest of the world is like. They will know what to look forward to when they are ready to take charge of their own lives.

Parents can also take this as an opportunity to bond with their children. They could share snippets of information about the different products and what they know of the culture that produced it. The discussion can even be carried over while the entire family is watching a fashion show. The children can be captivated by the beauty and the ingenuity of the creations, for sure. This would be a good signal for the parents to also share about the Fair Trade Fortnight.

It can be a totally different affair for the children. The parents can talk to their children about the different cultures as they learn to appreciate the materials that were also used on the products. More importantly, moms and dads alike can talk to their kids about the true essence of the festival. It will be a good opportunity to make a legacy out of it and start a family tradition of attending it, too.

Sharing the different cultures with the young people is sure to create a positive impact on them. They can gain a better insight of the world that awaits them as they bond closer with their parents. It is the perfect opportunity to make their kids see a different side of their personality as soon as they start talking about the products and the fair itself.

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