Monday, December 5, 2011

Secure your Maid Insurance and Avoid Fraud

By Alice Sy

Securing a Maid Insurance secures your maid, your household and your life. But what happens when that security itself is a fraud? As much as there are good and honest companies out there, there is always a room for deception. If you are serious in fulfilling your responsibility, you might as well take charge to avoid problems, you never know, the next fraud victim could be you, and that's the last thing you want to happen. Follow these advices and be safe against fraud.

Whether you are dealing with an insurance company or an agent alone, analyze the one you are dealing with. Don't easily accept offers and take time to consider and ask around. Anything that needs your signature needs triple checking by you, a knowledgeable friend or family member or a third party. Whatever agreement you enter, make it a legal and formal one and make sure there is someone you can go after should something go wrong.

Update your maid insurance regularly. Don't entertain agents who ask personal cash. Always pay directly to the insurance company, accredited paying outlet or by check addressed to the company. Check your billing statements and review its accordance to the contract you have. They should always coincide, from terms to prices.

Insurance companies are doubtful when it comes to claims, so make sure that yours are genuine and it comes with proof. Ask for detailed hospital bills or police statements or testimonials for accidents. This way, your insurance can be speedily processed and claimed without further doubts and delays.

You are securing Maid insurance for your gain and not for any loss. Therefore, take time in choosing a plan, a company or paying your statements. As a concerned citizen, it always pays to be alert and be on guard of your rights. Fulfill your responsibility, ensure your future, and ensure your safety.

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