Monday, December 5, 2011

How To Convince Your Ex Boyfriend To Get Back Together

By David Mask

If you are reading this, you are obviously looking to convince your ex boyfriend to get back together. But the question you should be asking yourself is why? Do you really want this person back or are you just feeling lonely and frightened of being single.

Being single can be great fun but it is a different lifestyle from that of a couple. You don't have to please anybody else which can be liberating but being on your own again can also be scary. You may feel that you will never meet Mr Right and that time is passing you by.

But never get back with your ex boyfriend just because you are scared of being on your own. He may be your ex but the next guy on the block may be the ONE. If you split for silly reasons such as game playing or a temper tantrum and you want this guy back then it is best to try and apologise for your behaviour.

If he decided to break up with you, he may perhaps have got cold feet. Guys don't constantly desire to admit that they prefer spending time with 1 lady rather than playing the field. Examine your relationship and see if this might be the case along with your guy.

Signs to look out for include the way he treated you. If he generally behaved like a gentleman then there's a good chance he is regretting the break up. Yet another good sign is if he introduced you to his household, in specific his mother. Males don't tend to bring home their girlfriends unless they're pretty critical about her and sees a future together.

So when attempting to convince your ex boyfriend to come house, you have to try to see the relationship from your partners point of vuew. Being in a position to determine every other's perspective gives you a greater chance of resolving your differences. You'll each have to have the freedom to express your feelings even when these are potentially hurtful for the other person to hear.

So long as both parties don't use this opportunity as a means of hurting each other, you stand a good chance of working through the issues. Knowing how to criticise and accept criticism is a good starting point for any relationship.

You both ought to be assertive and determine what it is actually that you simply want out of this relationship. Realizing where you stand means that you can both move forward along with your lives even when it means that you simply do split up. Hopefully you may determine that you simply choose to be together and are more committed to resolving your differences.

If you do feel angry then let it show. Just be sure that when you show your anger you don't reject your partner at the same time. You are trying to help him realise that you belong together and not apart.

Following these tips may help to convince your ex-boyfriend to get back together. Good luck.

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