Monday, December 5, 2011

Cloud PBX; What Is It?

By Yvonne Brixey

Looking for a better business telephone system? For a more efficient, economical, effective business phone system, you should consider cloud pbx. Cloud pbx means that your phone system equipment, tech-management, phone resource management is all handled by a voip phone expert, and the phone system is kept at their site rather than your business site. You're business would receive access to your cloud pbx phone system and phone services via Internet.

The convenience of cloud pbx is that your phone service provider does everything you need to have a quality working phone system, while you get to have more time to focus on your business! Cloud pbx provides a number of features you would normally get with a traditional phone system like voice-mail, caller-id, automated attendant, business greetings, call logs and reports. Plus, cloud pbx includes more features that aren't available with a traditional phone system like fax-mail. Because cloud pbx provides so many features, lower costs, and low maintenance, business managers are, more often, choosing to switch over to cloud pbx.

Two fantastic ways that cloud pbx cuts costs in telephone expenses: 1) your business doesn't have to pay for a phone system to keep on-site, and 2) your business doesn't have to hire tech hands to maintain the phone server, software, and phone system equipment.

So, you can easily see why cloud pbx is less expensive than owning and maintaining your own phone system. What are the other benefits and advantages of cloud pbx? There are three I'll mention here. It's scalable, flexible, and mobile.

1) Cloud PBX is scalable. No more being stuck to a switch-board where there are only so many outlets for phone equipment. With cloud pbx, your business is free to add as many phone connections as you need. All you have to do is plug your telephone in to your broad-band connector and watch it boot-up. Your voip phone will connect, via internet, to your cloud pbx and become immediately available for use.

2) Cloud pbx is flexible. In addition to being able to add a phone, your business has the flexibility of adding a phone from anywhere, not just your business location. Since cloud pbx is serviced over the internet, there are no geographic limitations. An example: you could have your administration offices in New York, a branch-office in California, and your customer service over-seas. All of these business locations would be fully functional using the same cloud pbx system. The other advantage is calls within your business cloud pbx, even those international calls, won't cost you because they won't be considered long-distance since you're calling within your cloud pbx phone system!

3) The mobile nature of cloud pbx lets you and your employees travel while still picking up calls miles away from your office. Cloud pbx can seamlessly transfer your business office calls to your cell phone.

Two things to keep in mind when selecting a cloud pbx service provider: 1) make sure you have a reliable internet connection, 2) make sure the cloud pbx service provider offers UN-interrupted 24/7 service. Cloud PBX; What Is It?

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