Friday, July 13, 2012

Useful Information On Data Security

By Susannah Drabel

With invention of computers, communication has greatly been revolutionized, reducing the world to a global village. However, businesses that are not keen on their data security stand a chance to lose a lot. This calls for stringent measures to ensure any company information is properly handled. This enables businesses stay free of the many cyber crimes, which are on the rise, even as the world becomes more networked through the internet.

Successful companies have useful secrets that cannot be let out. It is important to consider, the possible consequences of having that information on the wrong hands. This also includes, those business documents stored in the computers and servers. A good idea is, sort the information in order of sensitivity and dangers posed if this is lost. Its handling should, therefore, be based on this.

Every employee should know the importance of secure handling of information, as they can easily misuse it. Businesses should ensure any sort of information violation is seriously dealt with. This means, any new staff should be taken through training on the same, before tackling any official duties.

Make sure to control access to company systems. This calls for all users to set strong passwords, which must be changed periodically. In addition, everyone needs to know proper ways of storing their passwords, not in notebooks or cellphones. These can be easily found by a malicious person if they decide to spy on you.

The networks of a company should be secured with firewalls to prevent malicious software from gaining access to useful information. It is good to invest in a firewall-software that updates virus definitions automatically. This will keep new threats at bay.

There are various anti-viruses one can use to maintain their data security. Some of these are spread through the emails. A strong antivirus can effectively hinder their invasion. Likewise, workers should know methods to prevent phishing and spamming. Encrypting any document sent out of the company will help greatly in information protection.

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