Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Gainesville Plumbing Expert Is Trained To Locate The Source Of Water Or Sewer Gas Leaks

By Shellie N. Salas

Gainesville, Florida: a beautiful place to live, home of the everglades, glistening beaches and pristine bodies of water. Although this sounds like paradise, a Gainesville plumbing professional may beg to differ when it comes to the water in residential plumbing systems. And when a residential plumbing system goes bad (e.g., clogged toilets or drains), it can start to become a very smelly nuisance!

If you've ever had a sewer gas leak, you know how undesirable this smell is. Even worse, a malfunctioning pipe can emit a noxious, and sometime, dangerous odor. For this reason, calling your Gainesville plumber immediately is the best thing to do. But until your appointment arrives, educate yourself with the following facts:

If your sewer gas leak has originated from a toilet, the malfunction is likely due to a seal that has a worn wax ring or loose anchor bolt.

If the source of the smell is a drain trap, you should know that: a dry drain trap or a clogged vent pipe can cause sewer gas to build up and push back into the home. Adding water into the drain will help diminish the odor, but you still need a plumber to fix the problem.

There might also be a third reason: Roof vent traps are frequently jammed with leaves, bird's nests or other animal materials. Inspecting roof vent pipes can be dangerous, so again, it's best to leave repair work to the professionals.

Upon closer examination, it's important to be aware that sewer gas can have traces of hydrogen sulfide and methane. Breathing these toxins at high levels or for extended periods can cause sinus irritation or other health problems. Luckily, your plumber will be able to find the source of the gas quickly. This is accomplished by attaching a machine designed to detect sewer leaks and toxic gas to the piping system. This machine will emit an artificial smoke, used as a visual aid to detect the toxic odor and chemicals present in your home. This colorless, odorless smoke is not harmful to your health nor will it stain the surfaces of walls or furniture.

Once your system is fixed, your Gainesville plumbing professional will be able to help keep your plumbing pipes in good working order. After all, if you live in the state of Florida, water should be your friend.

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