Thursday, December 1, 2011

What it Takes to Succeed With Email Marketing

By Beata Reynaud

Email marketing has long been an integral part of internet marketing, and will continue to be. Anyone who's involved with online marketing can benefit a great deal by properly utilizing email marketing. While an email list is essential for you to succeed, it's really just the first step. For your email campaigns to succeed, you have to keep certain strategies in mind when you create them. What are some of the most important email marketing rules you must follow? What actually makes it tick? If you'd like to know, keep reading, as we'll be revealing three key email marketing strategies.

It's best to have one topic in an email and stay focused on this. You don't want your emails to be unfocused and scattered. One topic is enough for any single email. Don't deviate from it in any way. You will confuse your prospect and make it harder for him to take action. Every email should have one main purpose. You don't want to cause information overload in your readers. The more on target you are with your message, the better your results will be.

If you want more people to open your emails, think about your subject lines. Stay on target with your subject line. Avoid long-winded subject lines that will lose your reader's attention. Aim at delivering your email's main USP right in the subject line. You email's subject line is similar to a headline, or an article's title. A good subject line will make people want to open your emails, while an ineffective one will get them discarded. Avoid sounding too mysterious or making your subject line suspense filled. This is the place to give recipients a short and direct summary of what your email is concerned with.

Everything you write in an email message is leading up to your call to action. Therefore, your call to action plays a major role in any email marketing campaign. This is one part of your message that must be direct and unmistakable. At some point in every email, you must request that the subscriber takes action. Make sure that the call to action fits in well with what leads up to it. The call to action should be something that flows easily from the rest of your message. Take out time to make it stand out from the rest of your copy. You may want to use bold text, a larger font or even a button.

There's still nothing that can replace email marketing. There's no doubt about the fact that email is the backbone of your online success. If you're not utilizing email, then you're simply letting go of big profits.

When you utilize email marketing, you can start to develop relationships with your customers. By promoting your products through email, you'll get a targeted response. It's not enough, however, to simply blast your list with emails. Make sure you learn from all of your campaigns, so you can improve their effectiveness over time. Don't expect to succeed wildly with all of your campaigns; the important thing is that you learn something from every effort you make.

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