Thursday, December 1, 2011

Armani Frames

By Christian Halstead

One of the most famous fashion brands in the world, Emporio Armani make everything from suits to shirts, and also make a very elegant range of designer glasses. Emporio Armani glasses are designed to be as slick, cool and with as many neat and pure lines as the clothing range.

These frames are the work of the famous Italian Designer, Giorgio Armani, whose fashion sense is acclaimed worldwide. Known for his tailored clean lines, he carries this same philosophy over to his line of eyewear. His fashion sense does not just stop with clothing.

The glasses themselves often include a range of design features, such as the use of metals and acetate plastics to create the frames. The designer has also branched out with several different styles of Emporio Armani glasses, each one designed to flatter a different shape of face and facial features.

This includes decorating the frames with tortoise shell, cat's eyes designs, or even retro finishes that look very 50s. All of the Emporio Armani Glasses range is designed to please the younger, more fashionable buyer, so they are arranged to suit a young man in his 20s and 30s.

He also created costumes for the cinema and eventually branched out with his signature glasses and sunglasses in 1988. Today his Emporio Armani Glasses remain at the top of the designer eyewear chart and are a recognizable brand worldwide.

The brand designs can change from very narrow frames to much larger, aviator style glasses, but most of them have a very sporty style which suits the desire of Armani to bring in younger people.

All of the range feature exquisite designs that mean that the origins of the glasses are easily spotted, and will help the wearer to stand out in a crowd.

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