Thursday, December 8, 2011

What features can you expect with Lorus watches for sport?

By Richard Sulleyman

People used to use wristwatches just for telling the time, but nowadays most people want more functions and features in their watches. Luckily, brands such as Lorus watches have realised this, as well as noticing that people like to use their watches for sport. In order to satisfy this demand, the brand has subsequently made many changes and improvements to its products.

The reason why Lorus sports watches are so popular amongst sports enthusiasts, joggers and athletes is that they are known for being amongst the best in the industry.

The incredible functionality of Lorus watches is another reason why they are so popular and widely used. It is also worth mentioning, before we take a closer look at the many functions and features of Lorus watches, that the brand is also known for its reliability. After all, along with durability and resistance to shock, this is the main quality people expect in a sports watch, and Lorus watches have not disappointed.

As previously mentioned, there are a huge range of functions and features to choose from with Lorus watches. One of the main features that most Lorus sports watches have is water resistance, and some models have it to a depth of 100m. If you are a swimmer, a diver or are involved in any other water-based activities, this feature is ideal.

Other watches from the Lorus sports range are chronograph watches, which means that they offer a stopwatch function as well as telling the time. Multiple stopwatches, able to time more than one event at the same time, are crucial for sports, especially for runners.

Last of all, you should consider comfort, fit, breathability and durability when choosing your new sports watch.

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