Thursday, December 8, 2011

Practical Dog Obedience Tips

By Kate Thomas

But don't let these cute little fuzz balls fool you,since they also can be a pain in the head sometimes.More often than not, the first lesson a puppy learns is not to litter inside the house.

Owning a puppy is not all fun and games, it also entails a certain amount of responsibility. It is good to keep in mind that puppies do not learn this instantly, instead they learn through conditioning, which is why the training must be done regularly. Here are a few dog obedience tips that have been proven to be very effective on potty training your pet.

This teaches the pup to behave accordingly while he is still young, allowing him to get used to the flow of things at an early age. Hurting your puppy will not do anything but make it fear you and teach it to be violent as well. Instead you can use positive or negative reinforcement to train your dog. So when your dog "goes" inside the house, a stern voice with a mad facial expression is enough to tell your dog that you are displeased.

Regular walks to the park is the first and crucial step to potty training your dog. Observe him as you take the walk, if he doesn't take a leak after a few rounds, it means that he does not have to "go" yet; simply take him back to the house. If he "goes" outside, overreact and show him how pleased you are with his action by petting him, showing him affection, saying "good dog!" Repeat the process 2-3 times a day. Do this repeatedly and your dog will be conditioned to taking a dump outside the house.

If you he still urinates inside your home, do not resort to violence, just bring him out whenever you catch him in the act. This will give him the message that it is much better to "go" outside. Just keep in mind that violence will result only to negativity, it has been used in the past but has only proven to be an inefficient method.These dog obedience tips are most effective when your dog is still a pup. So make sure that you start him off with the potty training as early as possible.

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