Friday, December 2, 2011

Turn Any Night Into A Fiesta: Serve Tacos and Fun !

By Chris Kennedy

Recently, tacos have become a common dish to serve for dinner. It's become almost as popular in the U.S. as pizza and burgers! It can also be quite fun to make tacos with a group of friends. In this article I'll show you how to turn any night into a fiesta night while making tacos together.

The initial thing you ought to do is to ask a small group of friends to join you. While you are speaking to them regarding your fiesta night, be sure you let them know you are making tacos. Figure out any sort of diet constraints they may have, simply because this can be important to ensure everybody can eat the food you cook. Figuring out the number of friends are planning to attend your taco night will also permit you to pick-up the correct amount of food.

Once the date is set for your fiesta night, its time to get the food. Make a list of the ingredients you need. An easy way to cut down on costs is to offer to buy all the supplies for making tacos yourself, then ask your friends to each bring a dish. Be sure to tell them what you would like them to bring so you don't have too much of one thing and not enough of another. When you pick up supplies to make the tacos you should start with the filling. Generally, this is some type of meat such as beef or chicken. You can also use beans (or make a taco dip recipe without meat) or something similar if any of your friends are vegetarians. Besides the main filling, you'll also need seasoning, some type of shell (hard or soft),, and a variety of toppings. A safe rule for the amount to get is about 1 pound of main filling per 3 guests. You'll likely have some leftovers, but thats much better than not having enough! For taco toppings, make sure to get enough to match the amount of filling you got.

Now that you have your food taken care of, the last thing to plan is how to make the fiesta entertaining. You'll want to pick some good music such as salsa or mariachi to set the atmosphere of a fiesta. If your friends are musical, keep a small drum and a set of maracas on the table for people to pick up if they wish. Also, keep a few sombreros around for your guests to wear. You can make up games and have the winner get to wear a sombrero for a certain amount of time. For after dinner, you can make or buy a pinata and fill it with prizes and candy. Have your guests try to open it with a whiffle ball bat or another similar object. When the pinata finally cracks all your friends will surely have big smiles as you all crawl on the floor picking up the goodies!

Turning the meal of tacos in to a full on fiesta night is simple to do and can be very enjoyable. All you have to do is invite your friends to join you, determine the correct amount of food, and create the aptmosphere using some music along with entertaining things to do. Simply by adhering to all these easy steps you'll have a fiesta any night of the week.

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