Friday, December 2, 2011

How to Make Your Puppy Accept You as the Pack Leader

By Dirk Gruenberg

Dogs have a natural instinct that they inherited from their ancestors. This instinct helps them recognize an alpha dog or a pack leader. A pack leader is considered to be the main dog to follow in a pack. Dogs also follow this leader in the event that they have to travel or hunt.

Since dogs in our current times are domesticated, they look up to their owners as the pack leader. If an owner does not establish themselves as the pack leader, some dogs may misbehave due to this.

If you successfully establish yourself as the pack leader, your dog is likely to obey your commands and behave himself. And he will appreciate having a leader. It really makes life better for everyone - so how can this be achieved?

To start off with, keep in mind that being firm with your dog when he misbehaves is essential. As the pack leader, you cannot accept misbehavior - you have to be the one in control.

They must learn that there are rules in your home. Let's say they start chewing on your couch, you have to immediately correct this behavior.

So if your dog is chewing, shout a big "no". Then remove him from the couch. Make sure to put a lot of emphasis into the "No". Do not leave any doubts in your dog's mind that you are serious.

Another characteristic of pack leaders is always being the one that initiates action. This also means being first; for example when you walk through a dog. This tells your dog that he is the one that follows you. This is also an important point when it comes to going for walks outside.

And finally, here is the last characteristic: acting calmly - always. It is essential that you always act in a calm manner - no matter what happens.

Staying calm is especially important when training your dog. Nothing could be worse than you acting hectic at such a time. Don't do that. Simply stay calm and firmly correct mistakes.

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