Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Real Truth Concerning The Steve Nash Rookie Card

By Dani Edsall

Steve Nash rookie card, went from times of difficulty to joining a list of those which had made history. He become one of several eleven guys that are the only one's in the history of the NBA to win Most Valuable player, too many times. He weighs under 200 lbs and is 6 ft and 3 in . high.

When he started, everything was a distinct story for him. Jason Kidd in 1996 was the main star on the team he joined. Just eleven games that he started in, on the first two seasons that he played. This was when he initially arrived on the Phoenix Suns from Santa Clara. At the moment he was merely averaging about ten points a game and a few assists.

Currently it is substantially different (here are even some Mexican jokes about Nash). The Phoenix Suns could not think about playing without having him. Despite the fact that he was traded in 1998 to Dallas, it seems that it made a huge difference on the way in which he played. He went from nobody to getting all-star status inside a brief amount of time. In 04, as a free agent he went back to the Suns.

Steve Nash seemed to find what he desired, when working with the coach Mike D'Antoni. His game average took a turn for 19 points and 11 assists a game. He increased on his 3 pointers and layups, together with getting himself the MVP status for a couple of yrs in a row.

Besides that, it served to make the Sun's among the top NBA teams. In the first half of 2006-07, his scoring got better still. Despite all of this, his rookie card remains way undervalued compared to other greats of his time.

It's unlikely that any of this takes under consideration his several MVP's or the fact that his game improved a lot more in 2006-07. At the least you can enjoy buying a card that has not been given the value well deserved. Certainly, someone will realize this at some point and the card will raise in value.

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