Thursday, December 1, 2011

Acne Scar Tissue Removing

By Lacy Weibel

It's a double curse which you may have to endure the discomfort and embarrassment of acne and then turn around and face some scaring after you have cleared up the skin condition. So if you are looking for ways to reduce or eliminate acne scars, most. And there a number of good treatments you can look at many of which may be very effective in reducing how visible the scars are or eliminating them entirely.

When the acne is healing, one method to keep the scaring from being too bad it to begin to treat the skin as the blemishes clear up. By gently scrubbing the area, you lesson the depth the acne blemishes reach which reduces their tendency to scar tissue. You can also use special abrasive soaps or chemical peels during these early weeks after the acne has been eliminated. If your scaring is shallow, this is often all you need to do.

It will always be a good idea to keep your skin soft and moisturized during the healing process. By using medicated creams, you promote healing and the skin is well equipped to recover from the damage of the acne. Also, look closely at your diet and keep your vitamin and water intake high to give your skin plenty of weapons to fight back from the damage of the acne.

There are a number of medicated creams available on the market that you could turn to next if the healing seems to need additional help. But if you believe the scarring needs more serious intervention, it will always be a good idea to get the advice of your dermatologist. He or she can examine the damage and prescribe the right type of medicated cream. Your doctor may also prescribe the giving the skin some time between treatments to give the skin time to get used to the last thing you tried and to recover naturally. Many times with enough time, scars disappear independently.

If your doctor recommends that you take your therapy to the amount of surgery, there are levels of therapy which can be tried successively until you find the appropriate approach to reducing or eliminating the scars. Microdermabrasion is the least drastic surgery which is done to remove the outer layer of skin using vacuum tubes. Dermabrasion is a little more involved because the skin is numbed and rotating disks are used to remove the damaged layers of skin. And new innovations in laser surgery are also effective at eliminating ugly acne scars.

The main thing is to go slow and think of the health of your skin. It wants to heal so do all you can to help it. With your common sense and the help of a good dermatologist, that can be done a lot to make those scars disappear so much that you might never even know they were there.

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