Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Most Common Signs of Swollen Gums

By Grace William

When a person notices that there is something wrong with his or her gums, misconceptions that it is a disease is thought of. This generally not true because gums that are swelling is not the disease itself but is just one of the symptoms of whatever underlying infection. There are several causes that can be pointed out why a person experiences swollen gums. These range from the simplest to severe cases. To mention, some of the causes may be lack of proper dental care, dental braces, malnutrition, gingivitis, periodontitis, allergies and leukemia.

So if a person is suffering from swollen gums, most likely her or his gum becomes sensitive when touch, and pain and discomfort will be experienced. Another thing that you may notice is that the gums appear to be puffed than its normal appearance with a reddish color and sometimes will give off a yellowish, puss-like substance. But for severe cases, bleeding of gums may be experienced. Now, if this mentioned signs are present even at its early stage, then immediately look for the right cure for swollen gums.

The process of how you treat swollen gums will naturally depend on the severity of the condition and what causes it. That is why it is advisable to speak to a dental professional like dentist or orthodontist so you would be able to determine what really causes your dental problem. Your dentist will examine your condition and if the situation is caused by bacterial infection or lack of proper dental care, then he or she will give you the right remedy.

But, if for instance, your dentist discovers the most severe reasons of why you are suffering from swollen gums, then he or she will immediately refer you to a specialist that could give you the right treatment. That is why seeing your dentist for check-up is very important for treating gum swelling. Thus it is not advisable to just continue your self-medication because in some cases, it might even worsen your situation.

Above all these, it is still better to prevent having these types of ailments. It saves you time, money and other things that might be a negative effect when you have swollen gums. It all starts with a balanced diet, exercise and intake of fruits and vegetables. Regular and correct dental care to maintain the overall oral health and lastly, scheduled visits to the dentist of deep cleaning and plaque removal.

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