Thursday, December 1, 2011

Modern Fleet Tracking

By Corney S Richardson

Fleet and vehicle tracking systems have come a long way since the initial models which focused entirely on tracking location.

While most will offer real-time tracking, Others record real time data and store it to be read, similar to data-loggers. Systems like these track and record and allow reports after certain points have been saved.

Businesses competing in the courier, delivery and haulage industries can ill afford to do without these modern fleet management systems as their competitors generally all make use of them, and every edge counts. It is no longer a question of who is using the technology, but rather who has the latest and greatest technology. Efficiency plays a central role as well. There is little gain in having the latest fleet management model applications and not making proper use of all of their varied features.

Training is essential for the management team. The company which prospers dramatically will be the one whose staff learn the use and application possibilities of every feature in the system. Once implemented to its fullest measure, the tracking system vastly alters and upgrades the day-to-day operation of the client's fleet capabilities. Keeping track of your vehicles location is the most basic function of the system but not to be underestimated by any means. The ability to recover a stolen asset before major damages and losses are incurred is near priceless, as is the motivational addition for driving employees that 'the boss is watching'.

GPS fleet tracking helps you make command decisions. Knowing where each of the vehicles in your fleet are at any given moment will help you respond in times of crisis or need in an appropriate manner. If you know that vehicle D is closer than vehicle E to customer F then you are more likely to send vehicle D to handle that customer. Radioing back and forth to your fleet can be time consuming and lazy workers could remain "quiet" in order to avoid work. These problems are avoided completely with the tracking device and software.

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