Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How to Make Mexican cooking at home

By Sandy Fe

Mexican foods have great popularity all over the world of their pungent taste and appealing look. Another reason for the increasing popularity of Mexican cooking is that it takes very short time to cook these foods. Moreover, the foods are very portable. I want to give you two news regarding Mexican cooking. The shocking news is that, healthy diet is not associated with Mexican cooking always. Lards and bacon are highly used in different Mexican cooking which are not beneficial for health. But the good news is that, there are many ways to make Mexican foods ensuring healthy benefits. To add nutritious value to the Mexican food doesn't mean that the appealing look or delicious task of the food will be reduced. Try to develop smart choices to cook healthy Mexican foods.

Choosing the Right Dishes

Like all cuisines there are some Mexican dishes that are healthier than others and choosing these dishes is the first step to healthy Mexican cooking. Guacamole is a great dish to make. It has avocados and tomatoes, both healthy vegetables that are great for your skin and helping to reverse the aging process. Use Hass avocados and vine ripened tomatoes to get the best results. Guacamole is usually a dip but you can put it in your tacos, enchiladas and maybe even put it on toast for a quick snack.

Salsa is another condiment that can be used with many foods, but it is awesome with fish. To have a sweet difference to a spicy dish you may make salsas with fruits. You can also make general salsa over pastas. According to food specialists and nutritionists, Salsa has a good health value as it is a resourceful condiment. This item can be applied with almost anything. You may like to taste this condiment by topping eggs with them or by sweeping it up with chips. The nutritious benefits of the ingredients of salsa can surely make you want to discover more ways to include into your daily feast.

Refried beans are another popular item in Mexican cooking. The name seems to be confusing. But, I assure you that the food has a good health value if you omit lards and bacon grease from it and apply canola oil. Use some roasted garlic and sea salt to get an awesome taste. Refried beans are superb with rice and enchiladas. To have a nice bite add some tortilla chips with it.

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