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By Ava Kempt

Can wonderful hair care stop men's hair loss from arising? The short answer is: not usually. A longer answer is: a lot of hair loss occurs because of circumstances not related to the care of your hair or scalp. Proper care of the hair and scalp, however, certainly cannot hurt a man's efforts in slowing down the rate at which he loses his hair.

The truth is, even if your genetics point you toward hair loss, you can cut down the effects of that loss with appropriate care for the hair you have left and your scalp.

If you're required to wear a helmet, hardhat, or other head cover during work or other activity be sure your scalp can breathe. Your hats should fit comfortably and not too tightly to keep from restricting circulation which has been known to cause other conditions. To avoid restriction of new hair growth you need to avoid wearing these types of hats because they can cause damage to hair and pores.

Make an appointment for your local stylist. Not just the local mall quickie haircut shops, they are not so hot for scalp care and hair styling. Your professional salon will have more direct information as to what type of treatment will work best for your scalp type.

After you have showered, if you have super fine hair, you may want to spray some gentle detangler onto your hair before combing it. Yanking too hard on tangles can result in unintentionally tearing hair right out of your scalp. This is definitely not what you want to do if you're already fretting over the loss of your hair.

The hair you do have becomes very weak and is easier to break off or be mistakenly ripped out.

After getting out of the shower, stray away from using a brush in your hair, and instead use a comb. You should never use a brush for wet hair. Preferably, you should use a wide toothed comb. This will help you avoid unintentional yanking on your hair, which can bother your scalp.

The wide toothed comb necessitates you working through tangles and snarls that have taken off. A brush is more likely to pull at them until the hair is completely yanked out of your head. This is ineffective. Utilizing a wide toothed comb ensures that you'll be taking a milder approach to combing your hair after it has been washed.

Proper hair care is only the first step in preventing hair loss it alone will not stop it from happening. However you will feel better about attempting to slow it down. It can in some cases largely decrease the rate that your thinning and loss occurs. It's up to you to keep your scalp and hair clean and healthy as possible.

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