Monday, December 5, 2011

Can Men have Liposuction?

By Dawn Carleton

Some of the most common generalizations for cosmetic surgery and Dallas liposuction procedures are those revolving around female exclusivity. It is gradually becoming more common for men to go under the knife for liposuction procedures and other surgeries that can tighten and enhance their bodies. Six years ago, the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery determined 12 percent of liposuction procedures performed in the United States were for men, and that number has only increased by up to six percent each year since then. According to, liposuction was the third most common cosmetic surgery procedure for men in 2010, and approximately 24,000 male liposuction procedures were performed that year.

Why liposuction? Men opt for liposuction because it's effective. Both men and women have "problem areas" on their body that are difficult to shed weight from even with diet and exercise, and men are sometimes bothered by these difficult areas storing unwanted fat. While liposuction isn't the answer to shake off obesity woes, it may help those who have lost weight get rid of the last areas holding them back from looking their best.

Differences from female liposuction Just as women have common areas to have a liposuction procedure performed, men have three common areas: the chest, abdominal area (such as where "love handles" exist) and the abdomen itself. However, these areas are much more fibrous and thick than women's common liposuction areas, which makes the fat in those areas more difficult to break up and resistant - and while the incisions on men can be significantly smaller than liposuction incisions on a woman, the male procedures take longer because of the fibrous tissue. Not only do the delicate body parts make the procedure more time-consuming, but the size of the proposed liposuction area also makes a difference. Men have typically larger bodies than women, so it takes longer to finish treating the liposuction location. Since liposuction a man is usually more tedious than liposuction a woman, the men's procedure usually costs more.

Just as women do, men also get the occasional facial liposuction to treat their chins, neck or face to slim and tighten the facial area.

Procedure techniques Because the areas typically liposuctioned in men are more fibrous, there are different techniques used in the procedure - like ultrasonic liposuction. The sound waves are used to break down fat, which makes it easier to remove. They can also use tumescent liposuction, which will normally be used on larger areas. This technique will fill the area with saline and lidocaine, engorging the area and making fat easier to remove.

If you're a man considering liposuction, always remember that the results of your procedure don't stop when you recover from the incisions; it's up to you to make the results effective and improve your lifestyle to accommodate your surgery's positive effects. Don't be afraid or discouraged by stereotypes and generalizations with liposuction. If you're interested in this procedure, consult a cosmetic surgeon who performs liposuction in Dallas today.

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