Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bing Vs Google - The Good and The Bad of Bing and Google

By Aaron N Jones

When it comes to the battle between Bing Vs Google, who do you think will win? Numerous individuals would predict that the winner is Google considering that it is the more prominent one. And given that Bing is still new compared to Google, it falls brief to Google's fame and glory. It would be easy for Google to dominate over Bing because not every single World-wide-web user knows what Bing is. Only the resounding "huh!?" and "what?" are the only thing you will hear from some people when you ask them about Bing.

The Good Side About Google

Why would we hold a debate if we need to know the most dominant search engine; it has always been Google. Ever due to the fact Google toppled its closest rival, Yahoo; it has now turn out to be the go to internet site for people that are looking the internet. In Seo, Google's search engine algorithm is what most companies and web owners look at when optimizing their web-sites. Thus, with Google SEO, websites can attract more visitors, which could mean further income to the operators or owners of the sites.

Google's Downside

Unfortunately, Google isn't as perfect as what most people believe. By way of example, if we important in "diet pills review" as a keyword for our search. Of course, Google would return 100 pages of results regarding diet pills review; however, only some of these reviews are helpful. Perhaps, because of their SEO Adelaide in accordance towards the algorithms of Google, these websites would speedily seem on the outcomes page of Google. Most results would come from websites selling or recommending diet pills and not websites that provide in-depth reviews about diet pills. Thus, a user will have to refine his search again and once more till he finds what he is searching for.

Bing's Plus Side

The new kid on the block, Bing can present better search final results to each and every query. Utilizing the same keyword, results from Bing are different. Most results in Bing would provide real reviews about the product. And since the query was effective to begin with; it's possible to not refine the search. Hence, we could conclude that Bing's good results rate in supplying results to query is greater.

The Bad Side of Bing

As mentioned before, Bing is new and only several knows Bing. In search engine optimisations as well as business lead generation; Google would be a better choice than Bing because Bing attracts less traffic.

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