Wednesday, December 7, 2011

About Light Therapy

By Ron Yopper

Red light therapy has been associated with a much faster recovery period on wounds that are infamously difficult to mend for instance diabetic skin ulcers, serious burns as well as damage brought on by chemotherapy. Tests have shown that reacting to the light, the energy amount on the inside of cells improves, which results in speedier healing. A labratory in Alabama have found that cellular material grow 150-200 percent quicker than the average while they are subjected to red light therapy.

Pimples can be treated successfully with red light therapy. The light is detrimental to Propionibacterium acnes, one of the main bacterial reasons behind acne breakouts. In recent scientific tests, the use of red light therapy for acne diminished the quantity of spots on the skin around 76 to 80 % over a three month period of time. Red light therapy has also been proven to reduce pore size.

Red light treatment has become a popular solution with regard to a number of different skin conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema. These kinds of skin diseases affect about 30 % of the US population, and red light treatments coupled with prescription medication is now a quite typical form of remedy for these types of ailments.

Heightened collagen and elastin fiber generation battles wrinkles and fine lines connected with the aging process. Frequent red light box therapy treatments have shown to not merely enhance collagen, but additionally to repair skin damage as a result of sun exposure, cigarette smoking as well as eating habits.

Red light treatment has been proven to renew growth of hair. Therapy increases blood flow to the hair follicles and also energizes the nerves, muscle tissues and growth part of the follicle which in turn enhance growth of hair. Red light treatment transmits waves to a depth of 8-10 millimeters therefore the complete hair bulb is included.

People that are afflicted by long-term pain, for example arthritis, can be helped by red light therapy. The lights increase the circulation of blood and induce endorphin release, which reduces soreness. Red light therapy may be used on all soft tissue injuries for pain relief. Therapy works for acute pain as well, and it significantly relieves pain from sore and cramped muscle tissue.

Bipolar disorder is a emotional problem. In bipolar, the person rotates between despair to happiness. Signs and symptoms can include an increase in weight or loss, difficult sleeping, irritability, fast mood variations, racing thoughts and feelings, and also loss of energy. Blue light can be used to control these kind of mood swings and problems with sleeping. Several people with the disease are happy to control their systems using blue light rather than pricey drugs.

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