Saturday, December 3, 2011

Beating the Phobia Diet Failure

By Greg White

Do you ever have the sinking feeling that if you make "one mistake" your entire diet will be beyond repair? This is a ordinary fear that many of us have, just because they think they need to do everything perfect or they'll ruin all their efforts. Luckily , that is not true at all.

To beat the phobia of diet failure, you really need to modify the way you think about dieting and weight loss. It's not an "all or nothing" proposition.

Think for a second about people who are naturally thin. Do they eat only "diet food"? Not at all! They enjoy a large range of tasty foods, some that may be considered weight loss friendly, like veggies and fruit, but also lots that will be considered fattening. How are they able to maintain an ideal healthy weight? With a little thing called "flexibility". They understand how to balance the foodstuff they eat, and they do so effortlessly. If they eat too many calories one day, the following day they do not. They may enjoy a rich dessert when they are going out to eat, but they do not do it every day.

There are exceptions, of course - there are some people who can eat heartily and not gain an ounce, but that isn't usual.

Hence if you'd like to be more like these naturally thin people, be sure to do these two things:

1 - Focus on balance and flexibility.

Just like I described above, try to not see your weight loss as an all or nothing kind of deal. Just because you eat more than you planned for one meal (or even a complete day), simply make up for it the next meal (or next day). When you get annoyed and frustrated at yourself, that is when you give up on your diet altogether. Instead , excuse yourself and just get back on course.

2 - Focus on moderation.

If you enjoyed a bite or two of a rich dessert, it would most likely have zero result on your weight loss. But if you ate a big part of it, it might have some unwelcome implications. Keep this under consideration if you feel enticed to go off of your weight loss plan. Having just a little something won't create problems. But you have to practice exercising restraint, and that may require a bit of effort at least at the beginning.

Just remember that you can only fail if you give up. So long as you keep trying, keep moving forward, keep fortifying your skills, you may attain your goals - no doubt about it.

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