Thursday, December 8, 2011

8- Does The Choice of The Vasectomy Reversal Clinic Determine The Outcome of The Procedure?

By Seomul Evans

One of the basic considerations to make in seeking the services of a successful vasectomy reversal is the hospital where the procedure will be done. Another important factor to take into consideration is how experienced the surgeon carrying out the procedure is together with his assistants. It is important therefore to be very keen when making the selection of the clinic. Since the reversal procedure is expensive, one also needs to choose a clinic that can offer some flexible repayment plan for the procedure.This is because many clinics always help their patients who want to have the surgery carried out.Although most clinics charge 10,000 to 15000 dollars for the whole process, this amount could go up due to your wellbeing and your particular situation. You will have to foot the whole bill alone since medical cover does not pay for elective surgery like a vasectomy reversal. This is why you require some plan before hand on how to pay for the whole procedure without some strain.

The history of the clinic where the procedure is to be carried out is also important. This is in regard to the successful reversal procedures that have been carried out by the clinic. One should endeavor to use the services of a clinic that specializes in the procedure itself other than one that deals with all types of fertility management. This is because in such a clinic, the staff might not be very enthusiastic about this procedure but might try to talk to you to try other options that they have like invitro fertilization.IVF is not as dependable as a vasectomy reversal and a person opting for it will need to pay more money before the procedure can be successful. This does not rule out the procedure since one can still try it out in case the reversal procedure fails.

One should also seek to verify the status of the clinic where he intends to have the procedure carried out. This is in regard to its registration and whether the surgeons are allowed to practice. One should check any endorsements done for the clinic and also the reliability of the bodies that have endorsed this clinic. If the clinic meets all these requirements, you are confident that you will have the procedure carried out with professionalism of the highest standard. Such clinics always have many of their former patients talking well of them.

The next thing to consider is the competency of the surgeon carrying out the procedure. Try to find out whether he is an amateur or he has carried out the procedure successfully on a number of patients. This is because the surgeon who performs the procedure also plays a very great role in determining the success of the procedure. The kind of support staff available in the clinic is also important since they can assist in allaying the fears that you could be having about the whole process.

The clinic should also have a provision for the patient to be able to consult the staff responsible for the procedure any time of the day or night especially in case there is any complication after the mini surgery has been carried out. If all the above considerations are made, the chances of achieving success are quite high and any pain experienced will be forgotten after the couple get a child of their own later.

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