Sunday, November 27, 2011

What Is A Boarding School?

By Bill Braggs

When parents consider the best educational options for their child, one option that might cross their minds is boarding school. Everyone has heard of boarding school, but they might not understand fully what this type of school is, or how a Canadian boarding school might benefit their child. A boarding school is a learning institution for secondary students which is similar in structure to a university setting.

The purpose of these types of schools is to educate children in a well defined setting and culture of the parents' choice. The child will live at the school full time. However, the child will be allowed to come home in most cases to visit their family on major holidays, and during the summer.

The reason why many parents select a boarding school education for their child is because they'd like for their child to gain a head start into a great university. The fact is that these types of schools often prepare students very well for university entrance. As a matter of fact, some of these schools have partnerships with certain universities. That is to say that a particular Canadian boarding school may prepare students to attend a certain partnering university when the child is old enough for university. To many parents, the thought of getting their child into an exclusive university is very attractive. Due to these reasons, they will decide to enroll their child into a Canadian boarding school program.

There are different types of boarding schools for parents to consider for their child. For example, there are boarding schools for children who are academically gifted. These boarding schools will challenge the minds of children, so that they can thrive in an environment that challenges their minds. There are schools that attract those who are interested in the creative and the performing arts. These schools nurture young artists in an accepting environment with instructors that are experienced in teaching, creative, artistic minds.

There are military programs that allow for students to learn values such as respect of authority, order, physical, mental and emotional discipline. These programs can prepare students for a career in the military.

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