Monday, November 21, 2011

The Significance of a Screen Protector for the Samsung Skyrocket

By Alex Jose Valenz

Nowadays, mobile phones like the Samsung Skyrocket have become an important part of people's lives. We need it to communicate, to update themselves on current events, to keep track of their business deals and other transactions and a whole lot more. That is why it is necessary for anyone with a phone to protect it using screen protectors.

Because this mobile device uses a touch screen technology, you should take extra care and avoid the surface of the LCD from getting scratched. Use of a stylus and our finger tips to operate such phones can destroy the sensitive screen surface. A screen protector is one of the vital Samsung Skyrocket accessories you should have. We belong to a generation that is quite dependent on our phones so it is only right that we protect them.

Back then, screen protectors were nothing but thin films that acts as an extra surface between the screen and the stylus. You had to buy them in bulk and had to cut them on your own to the size of your device's screen. They did not completely provide the protection that one needs for his mobile phone. They often times peel easily, leave a sticky residue and scratch almost as easily as the screen. You had to replace your screen protector over and over again. But now, there are new and improved ways to protect and lengthen the life of your LCD screens that are available.

There are two effective screen protector options available in the market for you're your mobile device. The first screen protector option is a simple adhesive protector that is quick and easy to install. It is created from a more robust material in comparison to the screen protectors from before. To install it, all you need to do is to apply the protector to your screen while avoiding air bubbles from getting trapped in between the two surfaces. The disadvantage of this option is that a sticky residue gets left behind, much like those of that of the first generation screen protectors. If you are the type who does not use your phone that much, then this type of screen protection would be enough.

Your second option is an applicator based screen protector that is highly effective and durable. This provides a more lasting protection for your LCD screens. The urethane-based material used for these protectors is thicker than the traditional ones but is hardly noticeable when installed. This material is originally intended to protect the edges of US military helicopter blades from abrasive airborne particles like sand so you are sure that they are of quality. A wet application is needed when you install this screen protector. You apply a liquid substance to the screen of your smart phone, making sure not to apply any on the edges and then you lay down the protector on top. If you have an active and on the go lifestyle, then this type of screen protector is appropriate for you.

Because our phones have become a big part of our lives, it is a must that you care for them and keep them from getting damaged. Screen protectors contribute a lot to protect your smart phone. For added protection, you can also buy a case. You will realize that buying a screen protector is a great investment when you see your well maintained and scratch free screen.

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