Monday, November 28, 2011

Selecting the Brazilian Fight Wear is an art

By Simon Huddle

Brazil is the most expanded country in the Latin America. It is notable for a variety of subjects, viz. Soccer, beaches and for continuing as a Banana State. There is another popularity of it too, those are its fight wears.

The Japanese are famous for their Karate and the Chinese for their Sumo wrestling. But Brazilians are looked for their Jiu Jitsu. It is considered as martial arts and is played in Brazil and many other countries as well. It is founded for the defense purposes and it uses different techniques like wrestling and grabbing to win over the opponent. Most of the fight is played on the ground. One of the major parameter whether the Brazilian fight is a success or not is counted on its fight wears. It is even considered as a guess in advance that which one is going to win.

One of the prominent aspects of Jiu Jitsu is that the sizes of the fighters do not matter.This is only true to the extent that the player doesn't know how to manipulate his moves and take advantage of his big size. If he knows the techniques than his big size plus techniques really help him.

Such kind of fighting demands quick thinking and also swift motility. This kind of fight gear contains shorts, shin pads, pants kimonos, mitts, boxing gloves and hand wraps also.

Right gear is significant for official fights. Such cloths are knitted of fabrics that are very light thus the fighter wearing it feels easy. It is crucial, meanwhile, that they must be tough so that they don't wear off that quickly, typically at the knees and toes. Such clothes shall be spacious but not that spacious to become hindrance for a fighter. It is very usual that the temperature might rise in the fight, thus the spacious clothes soak up the sweats. Such clothes are made of the pre-shrunk fabric which makes it possible.

Many of the Brazilian fight wears are used for different kinds of fights. Stretch shorts are one of those types which have Velcro and drawstrings. Players who do grappling moves for their leg measurements use them and are almost roomy. A kimono having fine padded cotton collar or rubber collar, for choking move, delivers as a good precaution. It presents its opponent tough time when he attempts to choke him, which is a grievous move.

There is one restriction on Brazilian fight wear and that is it must be verified by the Jiu Jitsu Federation. There are no as such stringent requirements observed for Jiu Jitsu. For example, black uniform is not compulsory. But board shorts are to be black though and women are given free hand to choose from shorts or pants. It is suggested that uniform for women must be cut to fit them.

What is important to be considered is the size. The sizes of these Kimonos are different from the regular dress sizes. These Kimonos must use height and weight charts to determine their sizes. Thus choosing these fight wear is an art.

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