Monday, November 28, 2011

Revolution In Holistic Healing Practices - The Living Matrix

By Mark Lipton

There are many movies out there but not many of them really make you think. The Living Matrix: the healing science is one of the movies that can really grease your brain shafts. You can find it online for free and watch it. There is no need to go to the theater near you to see this movie.

If you watch this movie, you will find out about the newest research in science and alternative medicine. You will also see how knowledge of quantum physics is used and applied different methods of healing.

Throughout the movie you can see real life examples of miracle healings and then you get a scientific explanation of what have happened. New scientific research proves that the cells of human body can actually send and receive information.

As some of you already know, our modern medicine is actually incapable of curing many diseases and The Living Matrix shows you the proof. It is very important for modern medical enterprises to have clients, thus they actually need more people to be sick.

The Living Matrix gives a lot of theoretical information. The makers of this movie were able to involve a lot of knowledgeable people from different fields: Noetic Sciences, Holistic Healing, Quantum physics and Psychology. Each guest speaker provided a lot of information that made this movie interesting.

Even though this movie is great, it only gives a lot of theory and does not give practical techniques that can be used by people in their everyday life. In my further research in the fields covered in the Living Matrix I was able to find the science that is mainly based on practice.

This new science is called -Infosomatics (information - "info", body/physical form - "somatics"). This new science claims that information exists on the higher planes of stable matter existence.

Any human who has a brain is able to access those higher planes through the brain radiation and transform the information to energy. The human brain acts as a very complicated radar system that can receive and transmit.

When people are incorrect in their interaction with the outside world or nature they can cause distortion in informational processes and this will cause problems with health. There are certain laws that come from Nature and people should follow them to correctly fit into the world. Breaking one of these laws will cause a sickness as well.

To be able to apply the techniques of this new science one has to learn how to use his or her right hemisphere of the brain. Infosomatic techniques are very easy to use, even a child can use them. The techniques use the universal language of image.

One Russian scientist was the one who originated Infosomatics. His 20 year scientific research in brain informatics allowed him to do that. The name of this scientist is Vyacheslav Gubanov, he is the president of the International Institute of Social Ecology. "Practice is the sole criterion of truth" is one of the main mottos of Gubanov. For more details on the research visit

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