Monday, November 21, 2011

New Network Marketing Business

By Robent Kiyosaki

Many network marketers are excited about what's happening today in their businesses. And they realize how sensible the most recent change is. It makes perfect sense, and is really simply to understand.

Progress often takes place through stages, rarely all at once. Before man discovered how to harness fire, he had no need for pots or pans for cooking. Before electricity, who needed an incandescent light bulb or fluorescent fixture? Before the internal combustion engine, who would have thought of refining gasoline?

First, business model "A" realized that if he identified or produced a really good product, he could make money by advertising and selling it to his personal customers. He later discovered that if he could show other independent representatives how to market and sell his product to their own customers, he could reduce his expenses and sell more total products. He could also afford to share his profits with these reps. It was a win-win situation for business model "A," for his independent reps, and for all those satisfied customers.

And then business model "B" came along in the form of "big-box" discount chain stores. "B" figured out that he could purchase huge quantities of all sorts of products, and sell them in non-fancy warehouse-type buildings at really good prices. He saved money by buying in bulk, and on construction of Spartan stores, so he could sell products for less money than most other businesses. "B" could even copy the products that model "A" offered, and also sell them for less money. Customers flocked to "B's" stores, seriously hurting the business of "A."

When the Internet came into existence, it hurt small businesses and discount stores alike. Customers had tired of spending hours in huge, unattractive stores with carts loaded with bargain-priced goods. They disliked the crowds, inattentive clerks, and long lines at checkout counters. So they purchased online, sitting comfortably at a desk, and had their purchased delivered to their homes within a few days. This severely impacted small business owners and corporate discount stores as well.

Have you ever noticed that entrepreneurs think outside the box? They have several common characteristics. They don't follow tradition very well. They don't like being told what to do or how to do it. They really resent having someone else determine how much their time and efforts are worth. Most enjoy being totally independent, and they enjoy making lots of money. So what did the entrepreneurs do next?

These entrepreneurs had established lucrative businesses prior to the big box tore invasion. They were doing okay before the Internet put them at greater risk. They observed that Internet marketers were making excellent incomes working from home, primarily selling down-loadable information products. But this gave these entrepreneurs a logical path to follow.

By putting two and two together, a few entrepreneurs decided to market their outstanding network marketing products over the Internet. They offered the best of two worlds. Attract customers from the 1.6 billion who search the Internet daily, provide terrific products at fair prices, and give the customers more value for their money via personal attention and service. A magic formula.

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