Sunday, November 27, 2011

Flooring Scripps Ranch- Refinishing Vinyl and Tile Floors

By Carlos Johnson

Many homeowners would want the interior of their living rooms elegant while providing the warmth of natural wood. Have your plans to re-tile your floor been cancelled because of not enough savings for the project? However, humidity and extreme temperatures can adversely affect the wooden floors. Vinyl floors can be given a make-over so that they will remain looking as good as new for many more years.

The material is composed of resin and fiberboard compactly stuck together by the lamination process.The topmost layer of this flooring material is made to look like wood and sometimes stone through photographic means.There are many types of hardwood flooring.

The top layer is the part that is exposed and it is therefore attractive because of its color and the wood grain pattern on it. Maple, Hickory and Oak are examples of hardwood trees.To install laminate flooring, your handyman simply fits together the boards with the tongue and groove interlocking system.

You are now ready to apply the finishing solution to your tile floor. It is not advisable to wet your hardwood floors when you clean them. Simply mop the floor with a mop head that is damp.

On the other hand, the most durable, most resistant to stress, wear and tear of human traffic would be the laminate flooring rated as AC5. Products designed for hardwood are also recommended but read the labels carefully.A concrete subfloor on any part of the house will be suitable for engineered hardwood flooring.

If you like to preserve the polish and gloss of the flooring, choose a place where human traffic is not heavy. As much as possible, avoid spilling liquid on your floor. You also do not need to wax or polish laminate flooring as it is already glossy from the lamination process.

Wet mops or floor pads are not needed either and that is why it is the choice of many companies that are not big spenders of cleaning products.As soon as it dries, you can buff the area with an old flannel cloth before applying a second layer of finishing. Sandpaper may be used or other cleaning agents made specifically for bare hardwood floors.

Too many layers will only make the floor yellowish. Do not allow anyone to step on the area for a few hours after the last layer has been applied. However, consider exposing the beautiful grainy surface of the hardwood flooring in your summer home or resort cottage for better visual appeal.

Decide whether your floor will appear glossy. It can also be made to have a matte finish.Some prefer to leave their hardwood floors naturally bare and unprotected by varnish or sealant.

They would rather wax bare hardwood with dyed floor wax made specifically for wooden floors. Wooden floors that are made shiny with floor wax should be waxed at least once a month.

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