Sunday, November 27, 2011

Flooring La Jolla- Fantastic Looking Hardwood Floors

By Carlos Johnson

Some home builders and home owners like to use stone such as marble and granite for their floors. That is why they choose hardwood floors. Flooring made of hardwood is pleasant to look at. Vinyl floors can be given a make-over so that they will remain looking as good as new for many more years.

In order to keep your hardwood flooring looking its best, keep in mind some basic floor care tips.Engineered hardwood flooring material is composed of two layers. This material is made with a top layer or surface layer and the core.

The top layer is the part that is exposed and it is therefore attractive because of its color and the wood grain pattern on it. This layer is real hardwood. Make sure no debris is left in the groove between the tiles.

Usually, hardwood floors get dirty due to dust, spilled food and dirt. It is not advisable to wet your hardwood floors when you clean them. Simply mop the floor with a mop head that is damp.

You can also use vacuum cleaners that do not have beater bars. Products designed for hardwood are also recommended but read the labels carefully.A concrete subfloor on any part of the house will be suitable for engineered hardwood flooring.

Grease and stains are the most common reasons hardwood floors get unsightly. As much as possible, avoid spilling liquid on your floor. Do not let anyone step on the floor while it is drying.

Wet mops or floor pads are not needed either and that is why it is the choice of many companies that are not big spenders of cleaning products.If you want more areas of your home elegant and warm, use engineered hardwood flooring because they cost less than solid hardwood flooring. What use to be expensive can now be economical with this type of flooring material?

Too many layers will only make the floor yellowish. You can also protect your engineered hardwood floor with classy foyer rugs and carpets in your townhouse. As soon as the last layer gets dry, you can go over the floor vinyl tiles with a floor pad to make it glossy.

Decide whether your floor will appear glossy. It can also be made to have a matte finish.Some prefer to leave their hardwood floors naturally bare and unprotected by varnish or sealant.

They would rather wax bare hardwood with dyed floor wax made specifically for wooden floors. Wooden floors that are made shiny with floor wax should be waxed at least once a month.

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