Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Chef Pants - An Essential Part of the Chef Uniform

By Josh Stone

A chef can easily be identified from his unique uniform that consists of a chef coat, pants, apron and chef's hat. All of the clothes is designed in a particular way to make cooking cosy. Chef pants are typically not paid as much attention, but are as important as the other pieces of the uniform. Read on to find out more.

Uniforms for any profession not only give the execs a novel look and identity but are designed with a purpose under consideration. Take a chef as an example, black pants, white coat, apron and a chef hat straight away tell us that it is a culinary professional. Every piece of the chef uniform is essential and designed bearing in mind the comfort of the individual wearing it and the prerequisites for cooking in a hot kitchen all day. The coat for instance, is made from thick white fabric to protect the chef from any oil spills or other hot liquids. The thick fabric also doesn't catch fire too quickly which is again important considering plenty of work is required in front of the fire. The apron protects the cooks clean white uniform from stains while cooking. Working in the kitchen all day without letting anything fall on your white uniform is terribly difficult indeed.

However , there's not much significance attached to the chef pants occasionally. People think that having special chef pants are needless. Nonetheless that might not be true. Unlike a company professional, a chef must be on his feet all day, checking the texture of the meal being cooked, adding ingredients to it, frying, tossing and such like. Formal pants thus are not very comfortable for cooking purposes. Cooks require pants that will allow greater mobility and should be loosely fitted as the cook will feel uncomfortable in tight clothing in the kitchen heat. Also since the apron reaches a little lower than the waist, the pants aren't absolutely covered. Therefore, the chef pants are usually in dark shades to stop any obvious stains on the puff.

Nowadays the chef pants are often dishevelled with an elastic waist to supply the utmost comfort. They come in different patterns and colors ranging from classic white pants to black and denim blue. There is more variety in patterns too like black and white check hounds tooth design on which stains are less perceivable. Load pants with a lot of pockets have become popular with chefs for the sheer comfort and flexibleness that they supply. Since cooks are fine professionals so they have to look classy and professional also. Hence, chef pants are designed to go well with the remainder of the uniform and look fashionable together with providing comfort. There is more experimentation and new designs coming up now as compared to the standard styles earlier.

While placing an order for chef pants, what's crucial to consider is not just the design but also the standard of the fabric. Since chefs work in a kitchen, their clothes are subject to heat, get stained and require washing everyday. It is critical that the fabric is sturdy and does not fade away looking like an old rag after one or two washes. While you can get the chef uniform from any enormous garment store or get it stitched, purchasing from a company with expertise in chef uniforms will have its own benefits like better quality, better appreciation of cooks desires and such like. You can find many firms offering prime quality and reasonable chef uniforms online. Get the very best quality cook uniforms for your cooking staff and make your executives appear smart.

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