Tuesday, July 10, 2012

You Need To Try These 9 Plant-Based Sources Of Protein!

By Margaux Khoury

What's your Source Of Protein? Try These 9 Plant Based Products For Your personal Source Of Protein.

Which means that many individuals ask us "where do you get your source of protein?"...as if a plant based diet doesn't provide any... haha. I have to be truthful, I use to believe that as well.

A few years back, I didn't know you could benefit from plants as a source of protein. In reality, when you use plants as a source of protein, is more absorbable and doesn't have to be cooked and destroyed...so, we are actually getting Far more protein our body need. And the fibre, etc...

I mention it almost all the time, a plant based diet can be the best one to be on to maintain optimum health. "But won't you be miserable from a protein deficiency using plants as a supply of protein?"

We've all heard (form the dairy and meat industries) that an individual cannot survive on a plant based diet. This data is highly misleading.... probably because their mandate is to sell more milk and meat products.

Not only can you "survive" on a plant diet, however you can live healthier than ever before....and NEVER suffer a protein deficiency again icon smile 9 Plant Based sources of protein you Ought to try! .....

A plant-based diet provides more than enough fuel and energy a person needs. We feel stronger and healthier than we have ever been! Ever wonder where to start? Check out this list:

Source of protein #1

Hemp Seeds: These will most certainly be a complete protein. You can take advantage of hemp seeds in everything from salads to deserts to smoothies! even sprinkle over a rice meal.

Source of protein #2

Bee pollen: Bee Pollen is a terrific source of protein! It has: 20% of highly assimilated protein. 15% of high quality fat. It's also great for allergies, sexual drive, energy, etc, etc, etc.

Source of protein #3

Chia seed: 23% complete protein. Every seed includes a full selection of vitamin Bs, calcium, omega-3 oils, anti-oxidants, etc. Chia gel can also replace butter or coconut oil. Chia seeds aren't just for vegetarians (just like anything on this list). They can be sprinkles on many foods and they take on whatever taste you mix them with (sauce, etc). They also help make you feel full.

Source of protein #4

Lentils: LOTS of protein... Lentils are really straightforward to prepare and a wonderful protein source. They are fantastic in soups, even salads!

Source of protein #5

Quinoa: Quinoa is very high in protein. A great choice to rice or pasta! Delicious as a side with veggies or even found in a salad! Not so common but great with cereal and almond milk.

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