Saturday, July 7, 2012

Reasons Why Many Companies Choose To Offer An 0845 Number

By Ria Davey

Many companies decide to use non-geographic numbers, for instance 0845, as their business phone number prefix. There are numerous advantages for utilising an 0845 number, both to the business and the customers. Some business telecom companies will be able to create a new phone number for a business for just a minimal fee.

The principle advantage of the customer for calling an 0845 number, is the fact wherever in the UK they may be calling from, they will only be charged the cost of a local rate call. It has been proven that companies often find they have a greater response to an advert if they have an 0845 number available. These extra calls might help to raise sales and increase profitability. As existing customers don't have to pay a lot for calls to make contact with the organisation, greater communication should occur between the business and the customers, which could also improve customer loyalty and retention.

0845 numbers are also often easier for a customer to keep in mind and appear more appealing when printed on marketing materials. Most clients recognise an 0845 number as being a trustworthy number from a reputable business and will be more likely to telephone the number. As the phone number is non-geographic, it may give a company the impression of being nationwide.

Another fantastic benefit for using 0845 numbers, are the fact that calls can be diverted. For instance, for small businesses where there may be occasions in which there is nobody located in the office during work hours, calls can be diverted to a mobile phone. This will mean that no valuable customers are lost and communication channels are kept to an optimum all of the time.

Business telecom firms in addition have the ability to 'point' the 0845 number to an existing landline. Even in case you change offices, the calls will still be received from the same telephone number. This means that the business will be effective in keeping the exact same contact number, which saves large costs on advertising literature and business stationery. There are many great reasons behind a company to use an 0845 number and they're very easy to have installed.

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