Saturday, July 7, 2012

Miele Vacuum Cleaner Review

By Emmett Schonberg

A Vacuum cleaner is a labor saving device. It is a common household appliance used for cleaning of carpets, sofas, floor, fans, drapes, beds, ceiling etc in homes. It creates a partial vacuum to suck dust, particles, dirt etc. The dirt is collected in a paper bag for later disposal.Read now more best vacuum cleaner reviews.

The idea for a vacuum cleaner was started by Henry Cecil Booth of England. He first made a vacuum cleaner called the Puffin Billy which was run by a petrol driven piston pump. They were large and bulky and were carried on horse driven carts. The hoses were taken through windows to clean the carpets. These were however not commercially viable. The real break to vacuum cleaners was given by James Spangler who invented a vacuum cleaner from a fan, a box and a pillow case. Spangler sold the patent to William Hoover of England who made it a commercial success. Hoover made a fortune out of the invention. In England the vacuum cleaner is still called a Hoover colloquially.

The vacuum cleaner consists of a motor, a fan and a disposable paper bag along with other necessary assemblies. There are different configurations available.

And the most significant problem with the Miele brand? Possibly the principal drawback to the Miele setup is sometimes the motor will go bad and is quite an expensive repair. They have worked on this and are sure their most recent models do not have this problem, but still is something to look out for.

All-in-all, the Miele brand has an exceptionally good product with a lot of unique excellent features. It's really worth your time and effort to have a closer look at it, maybe try it out. You can get full details at their official website.

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