Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I Found A Fantastic Website With All Sorts Of Green Cleaning Supplies

By Nathane M. Morehead

It was because of a mighty stench in my basement that I learned about a great way to reduce odors without resorting to expensive and harmful chemicals, a way that involved green cleaning supplies. We had lived in the house for many years, and had never had any issues, but one day a pipe burst behind a wall. We fixed it, and replaced the wall, but after a few weeks, we started smelling an overpowering damp, musty smell that drove us away from our beloved basement.

I tried some sprays and air fresheners, but they just seemed to mask the smell, not remove it. I was quite frustrated about it, and telling one of my coworkers about it, and surprisingly, she told me to try onions. I admit I looked at her doubtfully for a minute, but she swore that cutting an onion in half and putting the halves in the basement overnight would work.

Since nothing else had worked, I guessed it was worth a shot, so I put the onion halves in my basement overnight. In the morning, I got up and with my fingers crossed, I went down the stairs and took some careful sniffs, and I was absolutely overjoyed to discover that the onion had worked and there was no more musty smell!

I pranced with joy for a bit and then decided that I should explore other green cleaning supplies, just in case I had another impossible situation and needed an option that was outside the box. I immediately went to my computer and did a fast search to see what I could find, and I found an awesome website that had some tips for using thins like lemon juice and old coffee grounds for cleaning. I also saw on the website that they had tips for how to use baking soda, and I could barely believe some of these ideas!

After trying out these tips, I adopted these natural cleaning products into my regular cleaning habits, and I had a burning desire to find more of these amazing cleaning ideas. The website I had discovered obliged me and soon enough I felt a good deal of the satisfaction that comes from doing one's part for the earth each and every time I cleaned something in my home. I was glad that the odor in the basement never came back, but I was happy to know that if I ever did catch a whiff of something, I knew exactly what to do!

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