Monday, July 9, 2012

How to vintage dress like you are in Moonrise Kingdom

By Sisi Tsoi

Wes Anderson's latest hipster cinematic offering, Moonrise Kingdom hit the screen last week and sent the blogosphere into overdrive. Anderson's special brand of childlike innocence mingled with jadedness is so appealing, especially when combined with such killer distinctive style exhibited by favourite characters Margot Tenenbaum and Steve Zissou (yes, really). Add a starry cast that includes Tilda Swinton, Edward Norton and Bill Murray and you have movie heaven. These stylized flicks are perfect inspiration for summer days when you want to cultivate a romantic, melancholic persona and go off on an adventure with a friend, or even by yourself.

In Moonrise Kingdom, tween sweethearts Suzy and Sam run away from home, much to the consternation of their family and the residents of their small town in New England. A visual feast of vintage dresses, quirky hairstyles, and Boy Scout uniforms and trinkets, the film brings together the paradoxes of childhood and adulthood, blurring the lines between and asking us what on earth maturity and 'being a grownup' mean anyway. Follow your heart like Suzy and hit the road - or the forest trail - in an outfit that will win hearts and lighten your own along the way.

For a vintage vibe go for rustic, earthy colors like khaki, peach and burnt orange, accented with hints of mustard and muted blues to keep from blending in too much with your surroundings. As with all Wes Anderson characters, attention to detail is key: go for a statement coat or a unique accessory such as a collar or kitsch bag. The idea here is to pick something that could be your trademark, even if it is just from June to September. Something that is special and unique to the wearer, as the iconic fur coat is to Margot Tenenbaum will always impress and be remembered. For genuine sentiment, revisit your childhood drawers and fish out the Brownie badges and the hair ribbons. You may feel silly at first, but these are the kind of details that add an authenticity to the nostalgic look we want to explore.

For the top level, choose a traditional design clothing, such as the lovely Lydia with its polka facts and frilly bow information, or the Kacey Sailor man switch clothing, ideal for a maritime experience. With adorable accessories of knee-high footwear and T-bar footwear - and even a extractible ribbons receiver if you want additional female factors - you too can discover australia and look incredible while you're at it.

Don't forget to add a lick of makeup in order to avoid looking too childlike, however. A deft flick of winged eyeliner, a soft sweep of peachy rouge for a sexy flush and a classic red lip will keep you looking sophisticated and ready for anything. Also remember to bring your phone along for some gorgeous Instagram moments. Now, if we can just manage to find our own version of Edward Norton in those khaki shorts that will be our summer sorted.

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