Sunday, July 8, 2012

Finding Service Or Information On Central Air

By Elinor Tran

It is nearly impossible to survive in the hot climate without some sort of cooling. Cooling systems give many the chance to move to a location they normally would never consider. For someone needing information on central air Phoenix businesses, there is plenty of help out there so you do not have to consider going without it.

Most residents are not prepared to live without cool temperatures indoors. It is the only way to cope with the continuous heat. However, only a few regularly service their equipment. Do not wait until it breaks down, preventative maintenance is much cheaper.

Most systems contain what is called a heat pump. The design rotates outside the house freon in warm liquid form, and due to the warm temps outside, it then boils turning back to it's cool gas form. This cool gas is then pumped indoors, to a coil, and a fan blows across this super cooled coil lowering the temperature in your home.

With this design, there are a few points that should be looked at on an annual basis to ensure optimum working condition. Essentially there are two fans. One is outdoors, and with sun, heat and other factors it is stressed heavily. If it fails, then the whole system shuts down due to thermal overload.

The compressor that pumps the freon is very important. It is the main electrical draw, so with it, there is circuits and capacitors that support it running and starting. These get weak over time, and become a failure point. Heat is a major factor in some of these failures. So proper maintenance of the unit to ensure it is clean, free of debris and anything else that can prevent proper working order is important.

With such a simple system, many problems can arise from neglect. Having a specialist inspect and ensure proper working order can save you money in the long run. Some companies certify their work, so upon failure, they will revisit and repair for you. Look up Central Air Phoenix to find a certified technician to help with your cooling needs.

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