Friday, July 6, 2012

The Best Way To Straighten Hair Without using harmful astringents And Ironing hair

By Adriana Lacoste

The Muslim women cover up their head once they go outside. This offers many benefits just like no frizz hair and avoiding dry hair. Here are some ways on how to straighten curly hair. One technique many do not know is that often one may straighten hair if one covers their hair the manner Muslims women cover it.

This is a very effortless, simple and inexpensive way without thinning the hair. Muslim ladies usually hood their hair with a hat which looks similar to winter hat before they wrap it with a headscarf. Assuming your hair is long basically fold over your hair one time and then snap it to ensure that it grips in place. Tighten the hat if it is possible.

After several hours you will see the hair is straight until the successive bath or perhaps based on humidity. For anyone with extremely curly hair style you would possibly still use straightening iron to straighten the hair after wrapping it for a few hours. In cases where fresh coconut is around one can conduct straightening hair treatment solutions on their hair by applying coconut cream thrice every week for 30 minutes.

Muslim ladies color their hair with henna. It is a procedure on cute hair color ideas. An ideal medicinal herb which makes the hair shade brownish or reddish considering the variety of henna one applies. Additionally it is very effective to cure selected ailments.

Drying the hair perfectly is vital simply because styling on wet hair is generally harmful. In addition there is a specific guideline for styling the hair. Fixing has to be executed on the hair basically after sectioning the hair to ensure that it will be done segment by section. Protecting the hair after the straightening process is very important.

Bath hair daily with thorough cleansing hair shampoo that is clear of harsh chemicals that will harm the hair. Together with shampooing, conditioners with leave-in formula is also important to lock the natural moisture and natural oils from getting extracted during the course of styling.

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