Thursday, December 8, 2011

Valuable Project Management

By Jack Wogan

Project management software is valuable if it accomplishes differently shaped projects equally well. Geographically dispersed teams need to manage programmes, assets and property through these integrated suites. If the software can be customized without it losing its capacity for precision, then such a suite is a valuable one, and such a management suite has several traits that can benefit the user:

Entirely web-based, an efficient project management software provides virtual teams with a highly sensitive and supportive environment which facilitates good communication. The home page supplied is highly customizable. Every team member has full access to the information he needs to perform his specifically assigned tasks, and no unnecessary information bothers this flow.

Full access to project scheduling and to all information the project circulates is given to the project manager, whose home page allows him to prioritize and to display customized information. Alongside handling the workflow itself in a highly effective way, an efficient suite provides a series of reports and dashboards meant to facilitate collaborative planning, one concept that this software suite revolves around.

The service and maintenance requests of team members are accomplished through a comprehensive helpdesk which also provides selective notification for the relevant users. The provided questionnaire module triggers a whole circulation of relevant information with each question, selective automatic notification being also provided. If a user creates a folder where documents are stored, and selects multiple team members to access it, the suite will automatically notify all these users on all consequent changes.

The basic version of a valuable suite abounds in functions and a free request can further enrich and customize the palette of facilities the manager can use. Orders and invoices, resources, documents, fees, issues and risks, performance or tasks, in other words all major aspects of project management, are covered by specific management instruments. If a user creates a folder to store document files and selects certain users to access it, automatic messaging will deliver notifications on consequent changes to every user implied.

Fees are displayed in connection to resources by the innovative fee management instrument the suite provides. The visual charts displayed by the issues and risks management utility is accompanied by automated email notification. Budget, expenses and time are covered by tracking instruments.

From popular ready-made systems like PRINCE2 to entirely custom-made workflows, the valuable project management suite organizes, memorizes and reuses different workflows with success. Fully updated support information is also made available when reusing an operation from a previous workflow.

Versatility is a central trait of a valuable project management software suite and every component shares it. This way managers can transfer each previously presented system feature from one type of project to another, while the value and cost efficiency of his management is preserved.

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