Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Turn an Unused Bedroom into a Family Game Room

By Autumn Lockwood

Now may be the best time to give your bedroom a makeover if it is a spare room or hardly gets used. Why don't you make that room into a great game room that everyone will love, instead of wasting the space? Most often this can be accomplished on a minimal budget with very little effort. The only items you will need are your extra room, some materials for decorating, and numerous games. Here are several easy ways to transform unused space into a family game room in your own home.

Inspecting Your Space

The initial thing to do in the process of making your game room is to carefully look over the area. If your bedroom is already furnished, you will need to figure out just what to do with your furniture. In some instances, you might be able to re-purpose the bedroom furniture items so you can keep on utilizing them in your new game room. However, some furniture pieces will probably have to be removed entirely, like the bed itself. In some situations, you might wish to simply store these items in the event that you need them in the future. You might also donate these items to charity or perhaps sell them in a yard sale or on an internet auction site. Once the room is emptied out, examine the walls and the floor. If the room could use a new coat of paint, it can be easier to get the job done before you start adding new furniture to the room. Fun colored walls are a wonderful way to spice up a game room and make it fun.

Perfect Furniture Pieces for Game Rooms

Although there are some pieces of furniture that you will include based on the games in the room, there are some other pieces that are used in basically any room. Just about every game room should have a good and durable set of a table and chairs that will be large enough for the whole family to sit at. Tables are usually a great thing to use for board games and card games. On the other hand, if video games will be played often in your room, your emphasis may be a TV, an entertainment center, and a cozy seating area that includes a small couch, a loveseat, and maybe some chairs. If your floor is something hard such as wood or tile, your game room may be made more comfy by putting an area rug in front of the TV to sit on.

Game Room Decorating Tips

You can have lots of fun decorating your family game room. Pictures of your family may make great art for your walls when you place them in wood picture frames. Or you may even hang old game boards made of wood on the walls as a creative decoration. You may also find some wallpapers that have a theme just right for a game room. You may create an interesting chair rail border around the perimeter of the room by using simple playing cards, positioned end to end. Simply attach them to the wall using some wallpaper border paste. You may also find some vintage boxes from board games, and also game instructions and any other game-themed items to put in antique picture frames as wall art.

So use that extra room you have as soon as you can. Start turning it into a game room right away.

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