Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Turbulence Training Review From Someone That Used The Program

By Deborah Willis

This Turbulence Training review is going to be the best you have heard from anyone online. that's since I literally used the Turbulence Training so I can tell you exactly what this workout program is about and let you to decide for yourself if you should even waste your time with it.

To be candid, I was very skeptical at first. To begin with I could not think the transformation stories which were posted on the internet. even though extremely compelling, I just would not get past the reality that they were real individuals. I additionally had a difficult time with believing that with just 30 minutes of strength training and then this thing call interval training I can lose a significant amount of weight.

Despite the thoughts I went ahead and purchased the $5 trial because it was so cheap and it allowed me access to the Turbulence Training program. As part of this 30 day trial period I also received entry to the members only site.

This is primarily just an open forum for the TT platinum members to bounce ideas of each other and keep each other accountable. The neat thing which I found that I was not expecting at all was that when I had a question Craig Ballantyne, the creator of Turbulence Training, will actually respond himself. He would also give complete answers including what workouts can be substituted if you didn't contain equipment and also encouragement to keep going!

After going through my first month of utilizing the program, I was feeling great and would certainly tell I was gaining strength. I had even dropped a couple pounds! I went ahead and purchased the full course for the remaining amount and also upgraded to Platinum status at the same time. The platinum status allowed me to have entry to each of the courses produced as well as future courses as long as I'm a platinum member.

although I never won a transformation contest, I did lose 40 pounds over the course of six months. If you ask me, that's not bad at all! Unfortunately the two years following I stopped eating right and stopped exercising. In return I gained back 30 pounds of what I did lose.

One of the huge things stressed when you get into Turbulence Training is that you want to make sure that you are eating extremely healthy. As the saying goes, "you can't outwork a bad diet." If you keep putting junk into your system and eating additional calories that you burn in a day you will never lose any weight, no matter what kind of good exercise routine you are on.

So if you're seeking to get started with Turbulence Training, my recommendation is that you ought to be willing to allocate at least three days per week at 60 minutes per day. This would let you to get your superset weight training in along with the interval training. You will also need to be willing to change your eating habits if you're going to utilize any kind of fitness program. Turbulence Training is a good decision for anybody wanting to not only lose belly fat, however also gain muscle strength.

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