Friday, December 9, 2011

Things to Keep in Mind When Launching Your Website

By Jesus Campbell

Starting a new website can provide a lot excitement. This is really true if you have put a lot of time into making it attractive and relevant for your targeted audience. However, in the middle of everything, it would be easy to forget how important it is to check everything out to ensure things are right. When more visitors start coming to your website, obviously you will want to use them to your advantage. The first glance is also the last glance. So, if you are not do the checks before you launch the site, things might not go too well.

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When it comes to the design of your website, it should pass all checks. Simply put, your website should be designed to work with HTML. It does not mean that you have to scrap your site if it does not work with HTML. But, you are going to have to diagnose your site and fix the things that are causing the problems. A lot of times this happens when you forget to close tags or do not add the alt tag to your website. You can easily use the W3C online validating service to check your website's design and find out if anything's wrong. Making certain that your website follows the current guidelines is very crucial because it will be a very important issue as things go on.

The top for major search engines, Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask all read sitemap.xml found on websites. Using a sitemap is good Search Engine Optimization because search engines are more likely to find more pages of your site but this doesn't guarantee all pages will be found. A site map acts as a search engine navigation aid. Are you using Wordpress to build your website? If you are, then you need to know about a must have plugin which will make creating a sitemap.xml file a breeze! It's called Google XML Sitemaps, simply add the plugin and then activate for an instant sitemap. Successful webmaster's know the importance of having a sitemap in place for the major search engines to spider. If you plan on competing with other websites, you must have a sitemap.xml.

A lot of times, if someone wants to print something from your site, they are most likely only interested in the article itself and not in the navigational menu or other design aspects. So, for convenience sake, it is a good idea to implement print style sheets. Print style sheets make it simple for anyone to only print the content from your site that they are interested in. This may be something that you may think is not that important, but it makes for an improved user friendly experience.

Each website is special in its own way and possesses a personal objective. However, the foundation of your site, no matter the subject, is in the presentation. If it does not function properly or does not appear attractive, then it is not presentable. Doing the right checks for your website is always important. There's no doubt that you will be constantly making changes to your site and improving it. This is because nothing's perfect the first time. But they do have to function the minute they are launched.

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