Friday, December 2, 2011

Professional Web Design Tips

By Johnny Parsons

More and more people these days feel that they have the confidence to design their own website. This increasing interest in amateur web design is encouraged by the fact that there are now so many wonderful platforms that make this work easy. However the problem with doing this yourself, is that you could end up with a site that looks very unprofessional unless you have the proper training.

If you want to make sure that your website is something that you can be proud of, then the following tips will help.

It is better to avoid having too many distractions on your website as they can be frustrating to visitors. What I mean by this is that you should avoid using things like scrolling text, moving graphics or blinking text. Background music is also something that should never be used on your site. As well as these things being annoying for visitors, they are also going to slow down your site so there is no need to have them.

Popup windows look like spam and this can put visitors off. You will find that nearly all visitors will leave your site straight away if the popup window requires them to enter their email address so you should never do this. What reason would anyone have to just hand over their email address to you without you doing anything for them?

Background images are another huge mistake. Some people seem to think that this makes their site look innovative but all it actually does is make it look amateurish. Background images can often appear distracting; so much so that the content can become difficult to read.

Make sure that your web pages are not longer than a couple of pages in length. If the pages are longer than this then it can take longer to load and this can be annoying.

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