Saturday, December 3, 2011

Portable Solar Power Generator - Mobile Devices Charged For Free

By Adrian Fletcher

Have you had your ipod battery die on you literally minutes into a long train ride ? Looks like you'll have to find some other means of entertainment. Or maybe it's your cell phone that is low on charge and you talk to someone important. Suddenly it's silent at the other end and you look to see the display is blank. That sucks, you'll have to find a public telephone that works.

I'm like most other people. I take it for granted that I can get instant access to entertainment or business communications with a hand held device. This explains why I have all sorts of gadgets like many other people do. However I am often left in an inconvenient situation because I have forgotten to recharge them. Thus a great solution to situations like these is to carry a solar power generator.

With the interest in solar power and the increase in hand held devices, there a number of good portable solar power generators around at the moment. The standard design is similar for most of them. A solar panel or cells will react with the photons in sunlight to create direct current electricity. This is passed to a battery that stores the electricity. The generator has a power point where various devices can be plugged in to use the current of the battery as if they where plugged into a wall socket.

The best part is that as long as there is some sunlight, your solar generator will always be charged or at least not losing power. Provided there is some sun out, the battery will always be charging. This should mean that whatever hand held device you may be using will always have a potential power source. You'll never be inconvenienced again from lack of power.

If a portable solar generator sounds like something you need then here are a few pointers on selecting one. You should consider the efficiency of the solar cells in the generator. Larger panels will be able to charge a battery quicker. However you don't want the generator to be cumbersome. You need your solar power generator to be similar with regards to size with the portable devices it will be charging. It should be easy to carry round on a belt or in a backpack.

You also want to find out what kind of capacity the battery has. For example, how long will an power sucking device such as a PSP last. The longer this time is the better the battery but again this has to be balanced against the size and weight of the battery if you want a generator that will be completely portable.

Something else to consider is the type of hand held devices you can plug into the generator and whether you need any adapters. At the very least it should be compatible with a cell/mobile phone, a gps device, a blackberry and a pda. You would also want it to be compatible with the popular entertainment appliances like PSP's , ipods and a dvd player.

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