Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Personalized Jewelry is Fine For Any Event

By Maya Neitenstein

There are very few occassions that are not appropriate for giving personalized jewelry. Anyone would be glad to receive a personalized jewelry gift no matter what the occassion. In fact, we'd wager that the only time a personalized gift was turned down was if the person was a real killjoy.

In the last few decades personalized items have enjoyed a surge in popularity. Bracelets are no longer the sole jewelry item that can be inscribed with a persons name or phrase. For many years personalized jewelry was expensive but not anymore. Of the many occassions where personalized gifts might be appropriate we have chosen only a few as examples.

Have you made a huge boo-boo? A meaningful way to apologize to someone for your wrong-doing is to send them a card with a little item of personalized jewelry enclosed in it. The jewelry need not be overly extravagant. It can be as easy as a necklace that has a pendant with the initial of the person's first name on it. It can be a bracelet you put together with alphabet beads. If you do not think the person would appreciate jewelry, think about personalizing something else: a small plush toy, a coffee mug, even a set of post-its can be a great gift to communicate how sorry you are for your blunder.

Giving gifts to colleagues can be tricky-especially if the two of you have not been promoted together-but giving someone something that has been personalized is a great way to give a meaningful gift. Mother's Day is an obvious choice for personalized jewelry gifts. Show your wife how much you love her on Mother's day with a personalized pair of earrings or necklace.

Personalized earrings (first initial earrings or hoops engraved with the person's name) are a really thoughtful way to express your appreciation to a girlfriend. If the "thank you" gift is intended for a male, why not a chain with his initials on it? Something simple and masculine looking should do the trick. Silver bangle bracelets engraved with a person's name are really good gifts for girlfriends while wrist ties made from leather that have been emblazoned with the recipient's name makes a favored gift for a man.

Graduations are also great times to give personalized jewelry for a gift. High School graduations are one of the best times to give someone a personalized gift. Who is going to challenge the ownership of a pair of earrings that have been engraved with someone's name? Pendants with the person's picture in them are another great idea. Obviously, graduation gifts do not have to be limited to jewelry. Consider personalizing other items like clothing or towels.

Remember, on a holiday that celebrates parents, personalization often involves the names of the person's kids as well as his own name. You can give something besides a tie. Personal gifts and meaningful gifts are better options!

You are going to have a lot of times in this life when you will have to give someone a gift and not know what to buy. Why not pick up something and have it personalized?

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