Monday, December 5, 2011

On Inclusion Of Stevia Diabetes Gets Tastier And Healthier

By Betty Dawson

The discovery of stevia diabetes means "no longer sugar free." Stevia is an artificial sweetener that came from Western North America and South America. It's success ranges from controlling blood glucose levels to important health benefits to its title of a natural sweetener.

While preparing desserts, the leaves of a stevia plant give off a sweet taste and are a great addition to any type of dessert. For those who find this unappealing, stevia plants can be ground into powder before added to meals and/or sweets. Stevia is remarkably about 300 times sweeter than average sugar from a grocery store.

Initial responses to the introduction of stevia as a food additive was met with naught, as an earlier study claimed to have found mutations in test rats that were given stevia. This prompted a ban in the United States, though it was stated that not enough evidence was available to decide on the safety concerns associated with this sweetener.

Later, around 1995, this natural sweetener was allowed as a dietary supplement but was still prevented as a food additive.

With World Health Organization recently claiming stevia is of no harm to one's health and showed no significant damage, the sales have soared. The WHO is, in part, stevia is being called the wonder supplement.

Now diabetics can safely include this natural supplement in their diets and benefit from the enhancement in taste. Apart from pleasing the senses, this supplement also works to control blood sugar by activating cells to accept insulin. Obesity and blood pressure are other conditions that are controlled by the use of stevia.

Unfortunately, the downside to having diabetes is the utter-most craving towards sweets and desserts. Stevia offers an effective and easy solution to diabetics suffering from this craving.

This sweetener is available in many stores in the powder form or as a concentrated juice that can be added to any food or fruit juice. Now that the taste of foods, drinks, and desserts can be naturally enhanced with stevia, diabetes will no longer be as dreaded as it once was.

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