Thursday, December 1, 2011

Methods to Avoid When Trying to Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

By Ruth Williams

There are unorthodox ways of getting a website positioned highly by search engines. This is often often called Black Hat search engine optimization or Black Hat SEO. It can be a fast but brief method of boosting a website's ranking. Nevertheless, it can lead to a website to be banned completely.

Shadow Domains and Doorway Pages - A keyword rich web page can be created under a different domain name to gain an increased rank within the search engine listings. It then forwards visitors through to another internet site, thus becoming a Doorway Page. Doorway Pages can sometimes include links to other sites which can divert users as well as google away from your website and as a result provide your rivals a higher ranking whilst decreasing yours.

Cloaking - is when the content submitted to google is different to that which the visitor sees on their internet browser. There may be a genuine reason for this variation. If the webpage is primarily image based, then the content which the google search can read is going to be limited. Extra textual content may have been included for the search engine, nonetheless, google may view this as an effort to deceive it and the website might be removed from their catalog. Adding written text to the search engine and visitor pages will get over this issue.

Hidden Keywords - Search engines try to find keywords which show up naturally within the written content of a web page. If they're obscured from users by being the identical color as the background, embedded in a picture, or if the wording is very small, the search engine will consider this as an attempt to deceive it and might not list the site.

Keywords Stuffing / Spamming - When you fill a web page with keywords and phrases in an attempt to increase your webpage score you might jeopardise losing human visitors. They will become frustrated and navigate away from your site too early simply because the web page won't make sense..

Linking to Bad Neighbourhoods - Links should be from other similar internet sites that do not put into practice Black Hat search engine optimization. Google don't approve of websites having a large number of back links from random websites. Backlinks ought to only be made from reputable internet sites of a similar nature, and hold a higher benefit if they are one way, not reciprocal. A link is only going to boost a website's position if it's from a higher ranked site.

Duplicated or Poor Content - Google can identify duplicated content material across different internet sites, as well as on the pages of the same website. Duplicating content across several web pages and ultizing different keywords is frowned upon, along with rewriting content to be submitted to search engines regularly. The last option also deters visitors from returning to a web site whose content material is duplicated. The major search engines can also uncover content which is compiled by software programs rather than humans.

Google are constantly realizing these kinds of strategies that are utilized in Black Hat search engine optimisation to unlawfully acquire a better ranking for a website. This approach results in google giving websites a lower ranking and possibly suspending them altogether. Acceptable search engine optimisation techniques are called White Hat Seo and therefore are how you can be acknowledged by the search engines for long-term success.

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