Saturday, December 3, 2011

Making the Greatest Use of Your Mobile Phone

By Gareth Jale

You will find out that most people who have the mobile phones will also have their cases. Phone cases are a vital accessory worth having for various reasons. Some people find it a tedious thing to keep removing and putting back a phone into a case. Moreover, as such they opt not to use or even have one. For these people, their grasp of the importance of having a case is very minute. The phone cases are found in different color codes and designs. They also vary in terms of material used to make them. The users will also have different cases which can be fashioned according to the tastes of the users. This is also the factor that the developers look into when they design the carry bags or cases.

The Samsung mobile technologies team has an array of cases that are availed to its clients. The two main types of cases are of plastic and silicon. They have a lot in common and yet their differences are quite noticeable. What they have in common is that they are suitable for phone and they come in handy. Nevertheless, a look into their differences will give much desirable reasons to settle of either of the case types.

The silicon phone cases are above all the most preferable case types for many people. The reason behind this is the silicon material itself. This is because it is a pliable and light material. This gives no limitations to the variety in design that the material presents in coming up with cases. The lightness makes it easier for the silicon cases to be pocketed. They are also less dense and thinner as compared to plastic. Regardless of their lightness and thinness, they still offer a high level of security to the phone.

Plastic cases may seem a lesser choice when it comes to phone cases. Many find them stiff to handle. Although this may be a downer for this type of phone cases, it still is a good thing. For those who like having a quick access for their phone then plastic cases are worth having. Contrary to silicon cases, the stiffness found with the plastic cases make them the ideal to hook on the waist belts. This makes them excellent Samsung Galaxy Nexus accessories in carry options for people who are constantly on the go.

If you compare it with the flexibility of silicon case, you will see that it will give you more access to the your phone. Most of the silicon cases will have enough room availed to comfortably press side buttons on the phone. The rigidity of the plastic case disqualifies it from these attributes. When using the phone, the silicon case also have a thin tough film on its face which is too light and it can also be used to activate also the screen. They normally do not affect the touch effect but you have to be aware that all the silicon cases do not have such ability.

If you have a screen protector, it probably is made of silicon. Plastic cases on the other hand will make great external carry cases. The plastic cases are easier to clean when compared to the silicon kind. They are also dirt resistant. The grip of plastic is smooth while that of the silicon cases is rubbery making it a firmer case to hold.

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